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Please read your packages that should have been given to you by the previous owner you purchased your condo from. If you have lost them you may purchase another set at the Hendrick Property Management office.

• Harbourfront Condominium Association – Rules and Regulations
• Harbourfront Condominium Association By-Laws
• Harbourfront Condominium  By-laws

The purpose of the Bylaws is to govern the general operation, maintenance, administration, use and occupancy of the Condominium, and all such activity shall be performed in accordance with the provisions hereof.

Dear Renters:

We at the Harbourfront Condo Association want you to have an enjoyable stay in our beautiful city. These friendly reminders will help you to have a good time without having to wonder what the rules are. These are not intended to be a comprehensive list and as such are not limited by just these rules alone. Please bear in mind that although you are here on vacation, for many of us, this is our home. Thanks.

Rules to Vacation by

1. No renter may have a pet of any kind anywhere on the property. It is a $50.00 per day fine. If you have guests visit they may not have pets anywhere in the condo or on the property.
2. Trailers of any kind may be parked in the lower lot in spots other than the reserved spaces with the green stripes.
3. Your balconies are not drying racks. Please do not hang out towels, swim suits, or other items on railings or outdoor patio furniture.
4. Trash is collected on Wednesday mornings and needs to be put our the night before.
5. Please remember to shut garage doors and exit doors. Do not prop open the entry door to the 110 Building. This is a security issue.
6. You are welcome to use the Fourth Floor Lounge and roof balcony in the 110 Building. Please pick up after yourselves.
7. There is absolutely no walking on the roof of any building. Trespassers will be prosecuted as such.
8. There is no smoking in any of the common areas of any of the buildings, including but not limited to, hallways, the 4th floor lounge, and the 4th floor deck.
9. There are noise restrictions. Loud noises and wild parties will not be tolerated and may result in police involvement. Sound carries a long way and at times, even normal conversations on a balcony later at night can be disruptive due to all of the brick and asphalt.
10. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult in the common elements of the condominium project.
11. There is absolutely no skateboarding or roller blading allowed anywhere on Harbourfront property.
12. Children at times like to ride their bikes or run and play in the drives and parking areas of the project. Though not forbidden we discourage this and cannot assume any liability. Please remember that these are thoroughfares for cars which at times are not always alert or come around a corner not expecting a child in their path. Accidents happen. Please do not let this ruin a vacation. We have many beautiful sites but the ER at North Ottawa Hospital is not a tourist spot.
13. Parking. We have limited parking and there are set spots which you need to be aware of along with the appropriate passes. Bear with me. 110 Building Renters: Unless you have a designated spot specifically for the condo which you are renting then you mist park in the lower lot. This requires a pass which must be hung from the rear view mirror or on the dash board. The spots in the lower lot, which are designated Reserved and painted with green lines, are for your use. There are a set number of spots for each unit and you may use up to that number. The owner should tell you how many are for your use and have the appropriate number of passes to be displayed. Please return the passes at the end of your stay. Renters in other parts of the Harbourfront complex must park in the designated space for that unit. Numbered spots correspond to each unit. Renters are not guests. For the term of their lease they are residents. As such, renters may not park in the parking spots labeled, “Guest.” If you have someone visit you while you are here on vacation, those guests may use the “Guest” spots. They must have a pink guest pass on the dashboard of their car with the unit number which they are visiting and the dates for which they are guests. The pink passes should have been left for you by the owners you are renting from. The pink guest passes are for the upper lot only. Parking in other than designated spots such as in right of ways, driveways, and fire lanes, within the complex or on landscaped areas is strictly prohibited. Violation of parking restrictions may result in your vehicle being TOWED AT YOUR EXPENSE.
14. Bicycles are to be stored in the bike racks at the southwest corner of t he upper lot, adjacent to Columbus St., in the Bike Room in the 110 Building, if that is where you are staying, on the third floor, or in your condo or garage. Bikes should not be kept in hallways or outside of your rental units.

I think that should do it. Knowing these rules should help you to have a hassle free vacation. We want it that way. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask someone and they will try and answer you question or direct you to someone that will be able to. Have a wonderful time and enjoy our community and all that it has to offer.

Dr. Sid Disbrow
President, Harbourfront Condominium Association.


100 N. Harbor Drive
Grand Haven, MI 49417
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