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Most Frequently Asked Questions

• General Board Meetings are held the first Monday of each month at 7:00 pm in the 4th floor lounge.  All co-owners are welcome and encouraged to attend.  In the event of a meeting day or time change, a notice will be posted on the 1st floor bulletin board.

• Annual Board Meetings are held on the 3rd Saturday in July each year – time and place are announced via co-owner mailings.  This is a critical meeting for the welfare of the entire Harbourfront complex – please mark your calendars and plan to attend!

Upon Purchase of Your Condo, the previous owner needs to pass on the following:

1. Entry card(s) to the 110-building front door security system and parking pass(es) to the lower parking lot (if applicable).
2. A copy of the association’s Master Deed, Bylaws and Rules & Regulations.

These items belong to the UNIT and NOT THE CO-OWNER; duplicates of these items may be purchased for a fee of $50.00 per item.

No Dogs Allowed – neither for permanent, temporary nor visitation purposes.  The only exception pertains to original co-owners who purchased condos from the original developer.  These owners may keep their original dog; no other dog may be purchased when said dog leaves.  VIOLATORS WILL BE FINED $50.00 PER DOG, PER DAY.

Pets that are Allowed (refer to Bylaws for particulars).

Rental Units & Tenants:

  1. TENANTS ARE NOT ALLOWED PETS. Co-owners will be fined for violations.
  2. Units must be occupied by persons of a single-family and for residential purposes only (for more detail, refer to Article VII).
  3. Hendrick Property Management must be furnished with a copy of the signed lease agreement.
  4. Co-Owners are held responsible for their tenants’ actions; all fines and fees are assumed by the co-owner (with the exception of towing charges which are the offender(s)’ responsibility).
  5. Tenants must abide to any/all conventions applicable to HCA co-owners.

Please call “911” to report excessive noise and under age partying.

Parking: “Guest” designated parking spaces are for short-term guests only, as our parking is limited.  Cars parked in “Guest” spaces without guest passes – including tenants’ cars and co-owners’ cars – will be towed; tenants are not guests.  Unless the condo number is assigned to a corresponding upper lot parking space, 110-building co-owners/tenants must use the lower parking lot.  There are NO assigned parking spaces in the lower lot and parking passes are mandatory.  Parking passes are supplied by Covenant Life Church, which owns the entire lot; HCA rents ONLY the parking spaces designated with green lines.  Contact Covenant Life Church with any parking pass related issues at (616) 847-2540.

Trash Collection is [supposed] to be early on Wednesday mornings.  If the unit has a separate curbside can, please use ONLY the receptacles provided by the trash company (no loose garbage bags).  Receptacles should be taken in by Wednesday evening.  If the condo unit uses the hallway [closet] receptacles, please make sure the trash is in an enclosed bag before tossing to reduce trash odors.

Monthly Maintenance Fees are due on the first of each month – late fees will be applied to delinquent accounts. 
Fees are $240.00* per month. *110-building units have additional monthly water & parking charges

Make your check payable to:
HCA [Harbourfront Condominium Association]
and mail to:
Hendrick Property Management  •  415 S. Beacon Boulevard  •  Grand Haven, MI  49417

Maintenance &/or Repair Issues are required in writing and may need to be approved first by the HCA Board of Directors.  Such issues entail ONLY property that the HCA is responsible for (i.e. exterior building walls, landscaping, etc.).  Submit maintenance/repair requests to Hendrick Property Management, fax (616) 842-5932.

Window &/or Door Screens and Deck Boards are the co-owners’ responsibility to repair or replace as needed.  This decision was made resulting from exorbitant costs of repairing said items due to co-owner and/or tenant negligence.

Only Standard Outdoor Furniture is to remain on decks.  No bikes or other items shall be stored on decks, pads or common areas.  No items are to be stored or left in the 110-building hallways or in the underground parking garage common area (i.e. boxes, plants, bikes, etc.)

The 4th Floor Lounge & Roof Deck is for the enjoyment of all co-owners … PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE CHILDREN UNATTENDED!  No chairs or personal items may be left on the deck, please take all belongings when leaving the roof deck as items may blow over by the strong winds.

Lounge & Roof Deck hours:  9:00 am - 9:00 pm during the WINTER months
with extended SUMMER hours so as to enjoy the Musical Fountain.

Stiff fines will be levied for any trespassers found on the roof as well as charges for any damages that might ensue – OFFENDERS WILL BE PROSECUTED.

100 N. Harbor Drive
Grand Haven, MI 49417
There is salmon fishing with Captain Bob at Chinook Pier
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